"The Guide" Restaurant Review
Divine pierogies turned out here
Pizza Heaven, Bennett Street, Luzerne. (PETE G. WILCOX/THE TIMES LEADER)

So, how did YOU spend National Pierogi Day? What’s that? You didn’t know it was National Pierogi Day? We forgive you. You have time to make it up to a signature NEPA cuisine that we hope got its due and then some Oct. 8.
In honor of the humble pasta pocket, we set out to find some of the homemade variety and didn’t have to look much farther than Pizza Heaven in Luzerne, which puts out more than sweet pizza.
Here, it’s best to buy your ’rogies by the dozen ($7.95 prepared or $6.95 frozen) because they’re small in size though huge on flavor. You have essentially two choices: with butter and onions or fried. We had one order of each, and both impressed. The potato-cheese filling was cloud-soft, evocative of the billows that appear around the gleaming Pearly Gates on the Pizza Heaven website. Think mashed potatoes whipped mercilessly with nary a lump. In the butter-and-onion incarnation, the onions were diced up tiny, a pleasure for onion-lovers but a bit frustrating for a hater who had a harder time picking off his enemies.
The fried variety was the real surprise, with each pierogi resembling a deep-fried ravioli only bigger but not crisp. Instead of an overly crunchy coating of fried grease, picture something lightly breaded and flash-fried. These came with sour cream and could be eaten as a finger food. Handy.
Having paid homage to pierogies, we moved on to the pizza and wing family, given the name of the establishment and all.
A seven-cut tray is $8.75, plus $1.75 per topping, and onions are standard, so specify if you don’t want them. The important thing to know is the style of the pizza, of course: Here it’s rectangular, with that lightly “fried” bottom and light-cheese, fresh-tomato, sweetish top. Rather like Pizza L’Oven (if that’s what you were thinking) and probably because the recipe apparently has some roots there. We oohed and aahed and heaped praise upon it.
We rounded out our meal with a pound each of “Heavenly Bites,” Pizza Heaven’s take on the classic boneless wing, one “Heavenly Mild” and one “Purgatory” (medium). When they say bites, they do mean bites, so don’t expect anything nearly as big as a wing. In fact, think one bite per bite and order appropriately. (One pound is $7.95.) The great news is here a bite actually tastes like a tiny chicken wing. We all said it. Forget diced-up chicken breast with some wing sauce over top; here the bite is actually crisply coated with a nice little crunch we loved.
We also loved the heavenly theme that carries throughout the online menu and the soft interior décor. Onion rings are called “angel halos,” for example, and, for a foil, wings can be ordered “Hot As Hell.”
The place is small but fun and peaceful, too. Welcoming and cozy, with a friendly staff. Rather like we hope the real heaven will be. If we make it.